Chinese Herbs

At Pure Acupuncture & Wellness we offer personalized Chinese Medicine granule formulas. Granules are herbs ground into a powder that are dissolved in hot water. They are effective and easy to take. In each formula, there may be five or even twenty-five herbs, depending on what you need. So while you are taking multiple herbs, you have the convenience of only taking one supplement. Your formula will be adjusted over your course of treatment to address any changes. With a unique focus on pulse taking in this clinic, the herbal formulas are specific to the imbalances in your pulses and not just your symptoms. The root of your health gets treated.

Chinese herbs address a myriad of health concerns. At your initial consultation, we can discuss the potential benefits of herbs for you. The herbs we use are FDA approved, and beyond that, they are batch tested multiple times to ensure their purity. We only use the highest quality of herbs in our clinic.