About Amadea Brayden, Licensed Acupuncturist

With over nineteen years of experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Amadea brings expertise and a fresh perspective on how to treat your concerns. She received her Master of Acupuncture degree from NIAOM/Bastyr University in Washington State, was board certified in 2003 and is licensed by the State of Tennessee. As a licensed acupuncturist, she has nearly 2000 hours of training in school whereas a certified acupuncturist generally has closer to 200.

She has done extensive continuing education that also includes direct mentorship with one of the most influential Chinese Medicine clinics in the country. She has refined her techniques and practices over time to deliver the fastest and most effective medicine. Amadea loves Chinese Medicine because it works. She is happy to focus on any issue that you’d like improved and she has experience addressing a variety of physical and emotional concerns.

Previously she owned Pure Acupuncture in Chicago/Woodstock and Tiger Heart Acupuncture in Atlanta.  Amadea also served as faculty and Assistant Academic Dean at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. Amadea has happily relocated to Knoxville and has a practice on Tazewell Pike in Fountain City.

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