“Following the routine and herbs at Pure Acupuncture and Wellness has given me a priceless gift. Before starting, I was suffering from depression and low energy, and it was affecting my relationships with family and my daughter. Through following this routine, something has cracked open in me that has changed my energy and elevated my whole life. I wake up before my alarm, ready to go. Countless “quirky” symptoms I’ve had for years, including digestive problems, are gone. I wanted to get better and feel healthy, but I had no idea the kind of heart, body, and mind changes I would go through. It has been an immense gift and renewed my whole life.” -MD

“My AIC was at all all time high at over 10. I did not know what to do. Amadea gave me a simple diet and I started to follow it March 1st. I had an AIC test 4-24-19 and it went down to 7.7. I was so happy. This was a God send to me. I will follow it until I get where I need to be. In the process I also lost 10 lbs.” – ThP

“I cannot thank Amadea enough for all she has done for me. She not only helped me to get pregnant, maintain my pregnancy but she helped make my pregnancy an amazing experience. Amadea also helped to cure my daily ailments, from headaches to back pain and I felt better physically and mentally. I am an advocate of acupuncture and it will help change your life as it did mine.” – M“I started seeing Amadea for acupuncture while in the midst of the most stressful year in my life. I was grateful to experience her compassionate care and expertise as an acupuncturist. Not only did my anxiety and chronic back pain improve significantly, but I also experienced resolution to a 10-year-old intestinal problem that I assumed would be with me forever. Although I work in a western medicine setting (as a physician assistant) and strongly believe in the effectiveness of allopathic medicine, I found acupuncture to be an excellent compliment to other therapies, and in some cases even more effective than what we see in this country as more traditional approaches. I would recommend Amadea to anyone who desires to improve his or her well-being.” – CK

“Amadea’s excellent care was a critical part of our fertility journey and also a huge help during pregnancy. Her treatments made a big impact on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” – LL